Examples of Recent Talks and Presentations
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction and the Laws of Outer SpaceColloquium on Jurisdiction in Cyberspace and Outer Space, Technology and Jurisdiction Legal Research Team, Bond University, August 2019. 
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Human Rights and the Law: What are the Challenges and Opportunities?‘,  Merrimac State High School, July, 2019. 
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Extraterritoriality, International Law, and Constitutional Courts’University College Dublin, March 2019. 
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Genre-Bending: Student-Created Performance Resources in Teaching Public Law’, Public Law in the Classroom, Sydney, February 2019.
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Law as a Weapon’, Women in Research Breakfast’, Research Week, Robina, October 2018.
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Extraterritoriality in Troubled Times: Accountability Gaps’, Society of Legal Scholars Conference, London, September 2018.
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Intersections between the Local and International in the Regulation of Transnational Crime’, Annual Conference of the Australian and New Society of International Law, Auckland, July 2018.
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘The Act of State and Abuse of Rights Doctrine: Transplanting Legal Controls on State Power’, Conference of the International Society of Public Law, ICON-S, Copenhagen, June 2017.
Danielle Ireland-Piper, ‘Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and the Cosmopolitan State’, Research Seminar, Utrecht University, March 2017.
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